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I, who possess the Twig of Yggdrasil, am...to put it simply, strong.[1]
— Vermilio

Vermilio "the Red" (ヴァミリオ, Vu~amirio) is the main protagonist of Helck. She is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Empire where the Dragon resides.


Vermilio is a short, young-looking, petite woman with vermilion hair, pointy ears, and amber eyes.


Vermilio is very hotheaded yet cautious, often donning a scowling expression. She has a tendency to call others, including herself, stupid. Despite those traits, she cares about the well-being of the civilians in the Demon Kingdom and thus has a hard time trusting newcomers.[5]

Vermilio had previously voiced the opinion that the humans must be destroyed, but has changed since she met Helck. She considers friendship very valuable and would be pained to see Helck kill his old companions even if it was for the betterment of Demon Kingdom.[6]

She is a fan of orange juice. [7]

Abilities & Powers[]

As one of the Four Heavenly Kings and as someone who possesses a power level of 78, Vermilio is very powerful. She is implied to be stronger than Azudora in terms of raw power. She specializes in handling groups of enemies. [8] [9]


Dancing Inferno

Vermilio casting her magic

Fire Magic: Vermilio's favorite type of magic. Through the use of this magic, Vermilio can create, shape and manipulate fire. She is capable of incinerating various opponents in an instant. However, her wide area attacks are dangerous to nearby allies, but she has learned to control her attacks. Furthermore, she is able to use her fire to soften her fall. [10] [11] There are instances when she has used her flames like a smokescreen.[12] She is powerful enough to break through Rafaed's barrier even after numerous human mages had reinforced it. She uses fire magic a barrier to lessen the impact of attacks.[13]

  • Dancing Inferno (踊れ炎, Odore-en): With the assistance of Twiglion, Vermilio creates a spiraling flame that surrounds her and engulfs her enemies.[14]
  • Fire-Drake, Vulca (火竜ヴル力, Hiryū Vuruka): Vermilio unleashes a flame in the shape of a lion that creates enough pressure around it to shake its surroundings. [15]
  • Phoenix-Suzaku (炎鳥・スザク, Enchō Suzaku): Vermilio spawns a flame in the shape of a bird that unleashes a barrage upon its victims. It is capable of vaporizing members of Warriors of Ruin by the dozens.[16]

Summoning Magic: Vermilio is capable of summoning fire elementals. These minions can serve Vermilio either by exploding upon contact or fighting her opponent. Her skill in summoning is noted to be great, as she can summon multiple beings at once.[17]

Defense Magic: Vermilio is capable of producing barriers to protect others and herself. She is capable of producing barriers that withstand the Human King's Wave Cannon and the Forbidden Spell.[18][19]

Physical Abilities[]

Enhanced Senses: Vermilio can hear much better than others. This allowed Vermilio to work up a plan with Asuta without having the humans anticipate it. [20]

Immense Durability: Although Vermilio is seen mostly dodging, she is more than capable of taking a hit from Berserk foes.[21]

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Vermilio is extremely fast and possesses remarkable reflexes, shown as she was able to outmaneuver Rafaed.[22] In addition, she was able to react to arrows fired from behind and surprise attack beams.[23][24]

Regeneration: Vermilio's blood has healing properties.[25]

Flames of Life: Vermilio's mother has given birth to her in those flames as both mother and daughter do not exist simultaneously.[26]

Fighting Style[]

Master Magic User: As one of the Four Heavenly Kings and formerly under the care of Azudora, Vermilio has become a powerful magic user. She is able to easily summon creatures at will and create large bursts of fire. She can create flames of various temperatures. She is able to fight of thousands of soldiers that are constantly being resurrected while fighting Rafaed and Mikaros.[27]


Twiglion (コエダリオン, Koedarion): A magical stick that Vermilio used when she was an infant, made from Yggdrasil. It is an ecological item that reduces the amount of wasted magic. Furthermore, it increases the power of offensive techniques. [28]

Hero Killer: Vermilio wields a broken sword called the Hero Killer that can inflict fatal injuries on a hero. Helck gave this sword to Vermilio in case he ever goes berserk.[29]

Major Battles[]


  • "I have to protect the civilians no matter what..."[30]
  • (To Helck) "Aren't they your precious comrades!? Your precious friends!? Isn't she someone who is irreplaceable!? Then you can't give up! The situation may be desperate! But you and Edil were able to talk to each other! You embraced Alicia with those hands! They're not dead yet! Your comrades haven't died yet! There is still hope!"[32]


  • Vermilio is based on the Vermillion Bird (representing summer and fire) from the four symbols. She is named after its color vermillion (her name could be transliterated as Vermillio).
  • Vermilio doesn't like eggplants and enjoys orange juice.
  • Vermilio's travel clothes are almost the same as Hapina-sensei's clothes.[33]
  • Nanaki drew mature Vermilio by mistake.[34]


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