Sharuami Color
Species Human
Gender Female Female
Status Alive
Affiliation Human World
Manga Debut Chapter 37

Sharuami (シャルアミ, Sharuami) is a childhood friend of Cless and Helck. She is of the Rafaed family.[1]


Sharuami is young woman with brown long hair and brown eyes.


Sharuami is cheerful, yet a bit childish woman. She is very caring for her friends and loved ones.


The eldest daughter of the Rafaed family, she was the one who noticed Cless's critical condition when he was a child and inadvertently saved his life by reporting it to her father. She grew to be close friends with Cless and Helck. She eventually fell in love with Cless and spent a lot of time with him.


Save the Humans ArcEdit

Asuta is being held prisoner when a prisoner guard comes in her cell. She tells the guard that she already told the humans everything that she knows. Guard continues to assert that she must be hiding information and threatens to torture her. Asuta decides to tell the guard Isuta's first crush as she has nothing else to reveal. The guard becomes frustrated and tries to punch Asuta, but the demon manages to dodge the punch much to the guard's displeasure. The guard reveals that they already have the needed information and that he only wishes to torture her for his own pleasure. However, Sharuami stops the guard before he could do any harm to Asuta. After a short chat, Sharuami tells Asuta that she is worried about the state of her country. To comfort Sharuami, Asuta reveals some information.[2]

Sharuami gets the keys to Asuta's chains, but is stopped by her father, Rafaed. Sharuami is both saddened and confused when her father admits to awakening the human race.[3] Sharuami asks if it is because of the demons, but Rafaed tells her it is not and asks winged soldiers to escort her back to her room. Rafaed promises to his daughter that he will not harm Asuta as long as she behaves.[4]

Sharuami is commanded by the King to be on top of several blobs of hyperspace energy.[5][6] Sharuami is later taken by Ororon, while Rafaed is distracted by Asuta.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed: Sharuami possesses speeds that can compete with Asuta, a subordinate of one of the Four Heavenly Kings.[7]


Sharuami Snow

Snow: Sharuami possesses an ability that is able to spread any kind of power over a wide range through the usage of a snow-like substance.[8] This ability's range can be enhanced through the usage of human towers.

Major BattlesEdit




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