Piwi Color Profile
Alias The Green Bird of Happiness (,)
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 13

Piwi (ピウイ, Piui) is a moss that resembles a bird.[1] He is a moss born of Yggdrasil.[2] He is said to be a phantasmagorical exotic beast.[3]


Piwi is a round pure green fluffy bird like creature.

The Green Bird of Happiness

The Green Bird of Happiness's mythologized appearance


Piwi is raucous and very ignorant. Yet, he has been described with a "cute" personality. He is very carefree, sometimes even oblivious to the violence that occurs around him.

Piwi is considerate for others.{{Ref|ch=5 (Piwi)


The Witch's Adventure LogEdit

Sometime in the past, Piwi lost his pointer and greatly shrank.[4]

Piwi was found in a forest by the Witch.[5] He is taken in by the Witch and is taught how to greet people and is given a name.[6][7]


Save the Humans ArcEdit

Ororon grabbed Piwi before leaving to go to the Human Empire. Oloroso manages to saves Piwi from the Defense Matrix and together they go searching for Vamirio and Helck.[8]

Asuta and company head down an underground lair to find the Human King. While going through the lair, they discuss the possible motivates of the King. They eventually reach the resting place of the four Human Kings who governed the Human lands over the centuries. Sharuami tells the group about the history of the four kings. Sharuami later shows the appearance of the Human King. The Human King reveals that there was an existence that Mikaros did not notice. The Human King then shows the group a portal to "the future you wish for". Through the portal, they see a man beside a tree.[9]

Other MediaEdit

Piwi Spin OffEdit

Piwi stumbles into a restaurant and is mistaken for being a customer. Tetsuo prepares a meal for Piwi, but it stings Piwi's mouth. The chef felt great embarrassment and asks for forgiveness, to which Piwi replies that it was okay and the dish was delicious. Piwi reveals that he was actually there to simply ask for directions to the plaza.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Piwi can fly for short bursts.[10]

Light and Fluffy Body: Piwi's light and fluffy body allows him to take any blunt hit and be perfectly fine. Moreover, his fluffy hair allows him to strum the water and float on any body of water.[11]

Resistance: Piwi has high resistance to Hyperspace Energy.[12]

Hypnosis Immunity Piwi has high resistance against being hypnotized.[13]

Immense Speed: Piwi is able to dodge Matrix lasers and evade predators.[14]

Enhanced Senses: Piwi is able to sense the hostility of other creatures.

Singing: Piwi's singing voice is a means to combat the curse of the Will of the World.[15]

Major BattlesEdit


  • "HELLO!"


  • Salad, Edamame, Asparagus were some of the considered names when naming Piwi.[16]
  • Piwi was named Piwi because he kept calling "Piyoe Piyoe" and looked like a kiwi.[17]


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