Volume 1
Author: Nanao Nanaki
Illustrator: Nanao Nanaki
Original run: May 4, 2014 – November 26, 2017
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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural

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Helck (ヘルク, Heruku) is a manga written and illustrated by Nanao Nanaki and follows the adventures of Helck and Vamirio. The manga is published by Ura Sunday and has several volumes to its name.


Helck is a weekly manga and is released on the MangaONE smartphone app, with print volumes published by Ura Sunday.

Nanao makes money whenever (a) people click the explicit "support" button to pay her with their "points", or (b) they purchase the "Choitashi" (aka Omake) for any chapter, also with their "points". These two methods, besides buying the volumes, directly support her.


The Demon King has been defeated, and now the Demon World is running a contest to choose his successor. A muscular and high-level human named Helck has joined and says that he wants to destroy all HUMANS. Is he serious?

Red Vamirio, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the whole Demon Empire, is monitoring the contest and can't believe this. What's the secret behind Helck and the human world?



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