[ Having an Audience ]
Chapter 83
Chapter 83, Volume 9
Title Having an Audience
Release date November 26, 2016

Having an Audience (謁見の間, Ekken No ma) is the eighty-third chapter of the Helck manga series.


Shin and Vamirio previously discussed what is the best way to fight the humans. Shin tells Vamirio that destroying the towers takes priority over protecting Shin Castle and asks her to entrust him in destroying the towers. In present time, Shin and his forces are attacking the prototypes, but are also making sure to capture the prototypes, so that the winged soldiers will not give Vamirio more trouble. Vamirio finishes off the rest of the prototypes and explains to Mikaros that the prototypes are not real heroes. Helck then proceeds to punch Mikaros and the shock wave of the punch destroys the door leading to the Human King. Vamirio and Helck run towards the Human King, but are ambushed by Cless.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Shin
  2. Vamirio
  3. Mikaros
  4. Helck
  5. Rafaed
  6. Human King
  7. Sharuami
  8. Cless