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Chapter 100

Chapter 100 2

Chapter 100
Title Message
Release date August 6, 2017

Message (伝言, Dengon) is the hundredth chapter of the Helck manga series.


Part 1Edit

Azudora informs Vamirio that Ulm Castle is in good hands and is given back the Hero Killer. Azudora relays a message from Shuno to Piwi, who just arrived.

Part 2Edit

Piwi's singing manages to weaken the Warriors of Ruin. When considering what to do at Ulm Castle, Azudora conceded to wanting to open a gate to bring everyone else to the Imperial Capital. However, Shuno arrives in the nick of time to allow Azudora to reconsider. Shunova reveals that she is Vamirio's aunt. Shunova asks Azudora to do everything he can to help Vamirio. Lastly, Shunova tells Azudora about Piwi's abilities. After Piwi weakened the Warriors of Ruin, the demons proceeded to launch their attack.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Helck
  2. Mikaros
  3. Vamirio
  4. Azudora
  5. Rerepus
  6. Doruushi
  7. Hyura
  8. Alicia
  9. Piwi
  10. Shuno